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Need Fort Myers Computer Repair And/Or Cape Coral Computer Support? Don't Go It Alone -Team With Qualified Technicians

Posted by Dec - 30 - 2011
By Scott Upton
Anyone who owns a computer or laptop knows that, when it comes to performance and productivity, keeping the system well maintained is a critical endeavor. Without implementing consistent maintenance, machines of virtually every caliber quickly find themselves at the mercy of the millions of viruses, waiting for download. One of the best ways to ensure your PC is working at max capacity is to run a periodic spot check or system tune up to guarantee that your system is ready and able to work when you are. While some computer owners or business executives may feel tempted to run these system check/tune ups internally, the process can seem overwhelming and often leaves many gaps in testing consistency that the... (more..)

Upton Technology Group: Fort Myers/Cape Coral Computer Support That Makes Data Backup A Seamless Process

Posted by Dec - 23 - 2011
By Scott Upton
When it comes to protecting the information stored on both personal computers and large office systems, many people often don't think about the process until a problem arises. Rather than taking the necessary steps to put a solid data backup plan in place, they wait until a major crash occurs and they find themselves completely entrenched in a major data recovery initiative. Unfortunately, this "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," mentality often proves insufficient. Many find that only partial information can be retrieved after a major virus attack debilitates their system. Sometimes, unfortunate computer owners even discover that their system has crashed with no chance of recovering any information from their... (more..)

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