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Cape Coral Computer Support, Fort Myers Computer Repair

It’s no secret that periodic inspections are critical for any of the technology systems we enjoy both at home and at our place of business. As consumers we easily recognizes the importance of routine tune ups for our vehicles, major appliances and other moderate to significant financial investments to ensure they continue to run properly and effectively. Quite simply, it just makes sense to schedule periodic check-ins to both sustain the machine and also warn of potentially pending issues before they occur.

Sadly, our computer systems do not always receive the same routine maintenance care that we dedicate to other items in our household and office. Oftentimes our hard drives are universally accepted as “fine” until an actual problem arises. At Upton Technology Group we’ve watched time and again how this “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” mentality can prove both costly and completely technologically debilitating when a system crashes unexpectedly.

Routine System Tune Ups From The Cape Coral Computer Support/Fort Myers Computer Repair Experts

Upton Technology Group, Cape Coral computer support and Fort Myers computer repair experts, encourages our clients to shed their “wait and see” attitude in favor of a more proactive approach towards the health of their PC’s, laptops and other computer systems. Our Fort Myers/Cape Coral computer support specialists recommend regularly scheduled spot checks throughout the lifespan of every system to keep them up to date, secure, running as quickly as possible and intercede preventable future issues

Certified Technicians – Comprehensive Maintenance

At Upton Technology Group, our Cape Coral computer support team is made up of certified and experienced technicians to ensure our clients receive the very best care using only the latest techniques and innovations. From small in-home maintenance to routine service on a fleet of systems at your place of business, Upton Technology Group is the perfect solution for any Fort Myers/Cape Coral computer support need. When you partner with Upton Technology Group for a routine checkup, you will receive a fully diverse and comprehensive diagnostic tune up that includes:

  • Comprehensive virus and malware scan and removal
  • Document and file backup
  • Hard drive testing
  • Updating installed systems such as Adobe Reader, Java, etc.
  • Temporary file cleaning
  • Web browser checks and update
  • Uninstallation of programs no longer utilized
  • Prohibiting unwanted programs from automatically starting up
  • Checking system security to ensure it’s up to date and working efficiently
  • Internet Explorer optimization
  • Test current RAM and increase as needed
  • Ensuring operating system is updated

Save Money By Being Proactive

These are just a few of the many pulse checks our Cape Coral computer support experts perform on each and every routine maintenance project we undertake. Most importantly, these checkups can actually help save money in repairs over the lifetime of the unit and also proactively enhance a system’s performance and increase overall longevity.

Don’t wait until your computer suddenly slows down or crashes before you contact our Cape Coral computer support specialists and Fort Myers computer repair experts. Contact Upton Technology Group today and let us get you on our schedule for a routine tune up now!

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