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Upton Technology Group: Our Fort Myers Computer Support Specialists Know Virus Savvy Has Preventive Power

Posted on May - 10 - 2012
By Scott Upton
In previous generations, computers were often these giant machines that filled entire rooms and proved inaccessible to the general population. Thus, the phrase "computer virus" was often associated with some major motion picture showcasing an infected government computer system that suddenly morphed from robotic human helper to rogue machine, determined to end the world as we all know it. However, in today's modern society where most residents have at least one computer device, the ever-vicious virus has hit a lot closer to both home and business. One wayward click of a mouse, or one inadvertent program download is often all that it takes for a bug to infiltrate a system with results that range from mere... (more..)

Don't Wait Until It Breaks: Incorporate System Tune Ups As Part Of Your Cape Coral/Fort Myers Computer Support Services

Posted on Mar - 30 - 2012
By Scott Upton
Over time, computers, like any other machine in our lives that we rely on, can show signs of wear. Many of us have faced a situation where unexpectedly, and inexplicably, our business and/or home systems that were once the fastest, sharpest and best on the market, are suddenly running sluggishly, or not at all. When faced with this unpredictable technology halt, businesses struggle to meet important deadlines and home users find themselves at a loss when unable to access important personal information. In short, facing an unforeseen system glitch affects us all in a multitude of ways. At Upton Technology Group, we have a way to help ensure your system runs as seamlessly as possible throughout its lifetime.... (more..)

How Fort Myers Computer Repair & Support Can Make Sure You Are Always Connected

Posted on Mar - 16 - 2012
By Scott Upton
In today's world, our computers and laptops are so much more than the sum of their keyboard and monitor parts. Whether at home or the office, your computer system plays a critical role in virtually every aspect of your life. From creating business documents, supporting clients and remaining as productive as possible at the office, to organizing your family's schedule, shopping online, and helping your little ones gather information for school projects, your PC or laptop is a vital hub and your ultimate connection to rest of the world. Few will deny the importance of staying "plugged in" on both a personal and professional level. However, many don’t give the maintenance of this connection much consideration... (more..)

Key Benefits Of Incorporating Remote Services For Cape Coral Computer Support And Fort Myers Computer Repair

Posted on Mar - 12 - 2012
By Scott Upton
In today's modern business world, companies in virtually every industry rely on their computer systems and the integrity of the data that these systems contain to remain productive, informed and able to conduct internal and external operations critical to the organization itself. From mom and pop shops functioning from a spare room at home, all the way through to established, large corporations operating on a global scale, having operative computers at all times is a top priority. Unfortunately, computers have proven themselves as imperfect creations. Even the most effectively designed and operating machine can, at times, be prone to lapses in functionality due to user errors, acquired viruses and a slew of... (more..)

Need Fort Myers Computer Repair And/Or Cape Coral Computer Support? Don't Go It Alone -Team With Qualified Technicians

Posted on Dec - 30 - 2011
By Scott Upton
Anyone who owns a computer or laptop knows that, when it comes to performance and productivity, keeping the system well maintained is a critical endeavor. Without implementing consistent maintenance, machines of virtually every caliber quickly find themselves at the mercy of the millions of viruses, waiting for download. One of the best ways to ensure your PC is working at max capacity is to run a periodic spot check or system tune up to guarantee that your system is ready and able to work when you are. While some computer owners or business executives may feel tempted to run these system check/tune ups internally, the process can seem overwhelming and often leaves many gaps in testing consistency that the... (more..)

Upton Technology Group: Fort Myers/Cape Coral Computer Support That Makes Data Backup A Seamless Process

Posted on Dec - 23 - 2011
By Scott Upton
When it comes to protecting the information stored on both personal computers and large office systems, many people often don't think about the process until a problem arises. Rather than taking the necessary steps to put a solid data backup plan in place, they wait until a major crash occurs and they find themselves completely entrenched in a major data recovery initiative. Unfortunately, this "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," mentality often proves insufficient. Many find that only partial information can be retrieved after a major virus attack debilitates their system. Sometimes, unfortunate computer owners even discover that their system has crashed with no chance of recovering any information from their... (more..)

Key Factors To Look For When Sourcing Fort Myers / Cape Coral Computer Support and Repair Services

Posted on Nov - 23 - 2011
By Scott Upton
When it comes to our home and office computer systems, there's no such thing as a predictable crash. One moment we can be diligently working away when, suddenly and inexplicably, the system in front of us crashes without warning. Sometimes a simple unit restart is all that is required to get us back up and running again. But, what happens when our laptops or hard drives simply won't regain functionality and we're stuck in a technological standstill? If you find yourself rendered incapable of output due to a crashing computer system, chances are you need a reputable Cape Coral computer support/Fort Myers computer repair vendor. If this is the first time you've sourced an area computer support/computer repair... (more..)

Fort Myers Computer Support Specialists: Protecting Clients Against Dreaded Computer Viruses

Posted on Nov - 14 - 2011
By Scott Upton
By definition, a virus is a term used for a computer program that's coded specifically to enter into a computer without user acceptance or permission. Once inside a system, a virus can function in one of two ways. While some viruses seem to only innocuously copy themselves, other vicious programs can cling to files and hinder the computer's output as well as destroy data, files and drives in one degenerative fell swoop. At Upton Technology Group, our Fort Myers computer support/Cape Coral computer repair specialists understand that, when it comes to computer viruses, what you don't know can not only hurt your system, but also negatively impact your business, employees, etc. That's why our Fort Myers computer... (more..)

The Importance Of Using Qualified Technicians For Your Fort Myers Computer Support / Cape Coral Computer Repair Project

Posted on Oct - 28 - 2011
By Scott Upton
Chances are if you've ever owned a computer of any type, you've probably suffered through at least one virus with it. In the time it takes to click a mouse, your system suddenly and inexplicably moves forward at a sluggish, awkward pace or crashes entirely rendering you at a technological standstill. While you may feel tempted to remedy the situation yourself (or simply ignore it and hope that it eventually goes away), utilizing the skills of a qualified technician from a Fort Myers computer support/Cape Coral computer repair company can make a huge difference when you find yourself at the mercy of a computer virus. Upton Technology Group: Trained And Certified Fort Myers Computer Support/Cape Coral Computer... (more..)

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