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Diagnose And Fix Hardware Issues With The Help Of A Computer Support Professional

Fort Myers Computer Repair

Anyone who uses a computer knows how much it easier it makes your life (except when it doesn’t!) No matter what brand or size, laptop or desktop, most computers have ‘an issue’ at one time or another with their software or hardware.


Hardware issues can be especially problematic. Damage to your hard drive can mean the loss of some or all of your data, a potentially catastrophic situation. If not caught and fixed soon enough, some problems will require replacing your current computer with a brand new unit.


Types of Hardware Problems


Before you attempt repairs, it’s important to recognize whether you actually have a hardware issue – or if it’s something else.


Computer hardware problems show themselves in many ways including:


  • No sound or lights when computer is turned on.
  • Computer just beeps after power-up.
  • Sound is normal but screen is blank.
  • Computer starts up but never loads the operating system.
  • Machine freezes before or during operating system start up.
  • You hear a screeching or other loud noise.
  • Once started, the computer turns itself off.


While you can attempt to fix these problems yourself, you run the risk of doing more damage than good. It’s often better to contact a computer support company that can properly diagnose and correct the problem.


Diagnostic Tools


There are many tools that professionals use to diagnose a hardware problem. To determine if you’ve had a catastrophic failure such as a dead motherboard, a diagnostic circuit board can be inserted into your computer to perform extensive troubleshooting. Rather than manually swapping out parts, this device can isolate defective components in as little as five minutes.


Cable testers can help determine if the problem is due to a bad cable. A master unit sends signals through the cable to detect problems such as cross-wiring, broken wires, shorts, and bad connections.


A device known as a POST card can be plugged into the computer’s expansion slots to test the operating system as it boots up. This device is often used if the computer appears dead.


Professional Repair Can Save You Money In The Long Run


If you’re a business owner, it makes good sense to use a certified professional. Your computers are the lifeline of your business so it’s vital to have them repaired quickly and correctly. You can also contract for regular diagnostic checks and software updates to prevent an issue before it happens.


Professional repair of home computers can mean the difference between keeping your current machine and having to spend a lot more money to replace it. If you have picture and video memories on your current hard drive, a professional can help save those even if your computer is not repairable.


For help with any of your computer support issues, contact Upton IT Services. Our certified repair professionals are up-to-date on the latest issues plaguing computer owners, and have high-level skills to repair everything from laptops, desktops and servers, including Apple.

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