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Fort Myers Computer Support Specialists: Protecting Clients Against Dreaded Computer Viruses

By definition, a virus is a term used for a computer program that’s coded specifically to enter into a computer without user acceptance or permission. Once inside a system, a virus can function in one of two ways. While some viruses seem to only innocuously copy themselves, other vicious programs can cling to files and hinder the computer’s output as well as destroy data, files and drives in one degenerative fell swoop.

At Upton Technology Group, our Fort Myers computer support/Cape Coral computer repair specialists understand that, when it comes to computer viruses, what you don’t know can not only hurt your system, but also negatively impact your business, employees, etc. That’s why our Fort Myers computer support team continuously strives to arm our clients with important viral information. We recognize that even having some basic knowledge regarding computer viruses can make a critical difference in protecting your home or office systems from infection and a potential technological catastrophe.

Important Facts To Know About Computer Viruses, Both At Home And At Work

The Fort Myers computer support technicians at Upton Technology Group understand that many of our clients live in constant fear of inadvertently unleashing a computer virus onto their home or office systems. However, most users don’t actually realize the specific ways a malignant program can gain access into a system. Many of our customers are actually shocked to learn that a computer cannot become infected when simply connected online to the Internet. A system can only suffer infestation if an infected file is first copied onto a PC and subsequently run.

While no computer is ever completely immune to downloading a virus, understanding some of the ways to avoid contracting a system bug and partnering with Upton Technology Group can prove a formidable force in the fight against malware. To help avoid potential infection, Upton Technology Group’s Fort Myers computer support staff recommends the following to help ward off situations that may leave your computer vulnerable:

  • Never click on or open an email or attachment from someone you don’t know
  • Use Internet based email such as Gmail or Yahoo rather than Microsoft Outlook
  • When web surfing, avoid clicking on pop-up messages that randomly appear (use the ctrl, alt, delete function to access the task manager to end the specific task and close down these pop-ups without incident)
  • Avoid attached documents that end in txt.vb or .jpg.exe
  • Use a more secure web browser such as Firefox over the standard Internet Explorer
  • Delete temporary Internet files from your system every day

Most importantly, installing reputable anti-virus & anti-spyware on your system is an excellent way to ward off malicious system programming. If you’re not sure which protection program makes the most sense for your system, our Fort Myers computer support consultants can help you make an informed choice and manage the installation process for you.

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