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Benefits of Upton IT Services Hosted Exchange Services

The Importance of Email

Email for many businesses is more than just a means of communication.  It’s a way to conduct business.  Whether you’re sending proposals to clients, following up to client requests, sending contracts for review, or sending a simple “thank you” to your clients for business, one thing is certain.  Email downtime can be disastrous for a business.  In fact, statistics show that up to 70% of business data resides in Email.  Loss of your Email data means a loss in productivity, lost clients and revenue.

What Is Hosted Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is the Email platform “big business” runs on.  It provides a feature rich Email experience that allows users to communicate and perform business communications more productively and efficiently, all through Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook Web Access.  Imagine being able to access your full mailbox (including all your folders), calendars, contacts, tasks and more from virtually any device (including mobile devices) or location.  All of your data is synchronized “live” in the background while you work so it appears the same instantly on any device you access.

The Benefits of Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange offers the highest uptime and availability of any service on the market, all with a feature rich package to help bring your Email to a new level.  Servers are housed and managed by Upton IT Services, with redundant servers and connectivity to ensure a trouble free experience for our clients.  No worrying about updates, security issues, network issues, or hardware.


  • 25GB Mailbox Space Per User
  • Virus Detection & Filtering
  • AntiSpam Filtering, Including Blocking and Whitelist Capability
  • 50MB Attachment Capability
  • Mobile Device Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry
  • Outlook Web Access (access your mailbox securely from any browser)
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Group Lists & Resources
  • Shared Calendars, Contacts, & Folders
  • Tier 4 Datacenter with Redundant Power & Connectivity
  • Many more features

If your interested in learning more about Hosted Exchange, please take a moment to Contact Us and one of our team members can explain in greater detail the benefit of this robust and secure Email service.  We’re so sure you’ll be impressed, we offer a no cost or obligation trial of the service so you can see for yourself the power of Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

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