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Important Ways To Avoid Downloading Harmful Computer Viruses

At Upton Technology Group, our team of Fort Myers computer repair/Cape Coral computer support specialist realizes that anyone who has a computer is at risk of downloading a harmful system virus at any time. In some ways these dreadful system viruses are the great equalizers amongst anyone who owns a computer. From a single home user all the way through to a major corporation, all it takes is one simple, errant key stroke to infect a single system and/or fleet of systems and bring everything to an instant informational standstill.

When it comes to computer bugs, it seems like they can turn up virtually anywhere, making users feel vulnerable and helpless to protect their systems against an unwanted attack. Yes, there is always a possibility that your system will become unexpectedly infected. However, our team of seasoned Fort Myers/Cape Coral computer repair professionals maintains that there are some specific tactics that can be employed to help diminish the opportunity for malicious programs to infiltrate your system.

Upton Technology Group: Fort Myers Computer Repair/Cape Coral Computer Support Experts

Upton Technology Group partners with our clients to help educate them on how to best avoid vicious programming and maintain the health and integrity of their home and office systems. Our Fort Myers computer repair/Cape Coral computer support technicians works closely with each of our clients to inform them about the most common ways that a virus can penetrate a computer. While malware is constantly evolving, keeping the following tips in mind can help you maintain vigilance against viruses on your system.

  • Be wary of attachments: Obviously, opening emails and attachments from senders you don’t recognize can prove extremely risky. However, some malicious programming actually infiltrates a user’s email and sends the virus along as an email attachment from their account. Even if you do know the sender, always be wary of opening an attachment that you were not expecting.
  • Use auto settings to your advantage: Go through your email settings and make sure any auto launch options are disabled. Otherwise, your system may inadvertently open and download a wayward virus that has found its way into your inbox.
  • Confirm extensions before opening: Our Cape Coral computer support team recommends checking every file extension before launching it on your system. Always be cautious of files that have .pif or .scr in the file extension.
  • Monitor online use: Family computers can be extra vulnerable to attack due to teenagers and children freely navigating through online sites. Remember, all it takes it one accidental click on a pop up message to wreak havoc on your system. Always monitor your family’s online use to ensure that no one inadvertently downloads an irreparable bug.

Finally, one of the most important ways to help safeguard your system is to partner with a reputable and professional Fort Myers computer repair/Cape Coral computer support firm. Even if your system seems to be running smoothly, a Cape Coral computer support team can help run spot checks on your computer to ensure there are no dormant bugs lying in wait. Ask to be put on a routine system check-up schedule as an extra precautionary measure to remove anything embedded on your computer that may cause problems and help guarantee that your machine keeps running smoothly whenever you need it.

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