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Your network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure, and for many companies the cost of maintaining your own network proves to great.  Regardless of whether it consists of a wireless router and 2 computers, or multiple routers, switches and VLAN’s, and hundreds of computers, the staff at Upton IT Services has over 11 years of experience servicing clients networks of all sizes.

Experience Matters

Our team consists of experience and educated support technicians that have serviced a wide range of networks, including large resorts and hotels from Tampa to Key West.  It’s our experience working on a wide range of networks that provides us with the knowledge to not only support your network, but to ensure trouble free, secure service to you and your employees.  Our network monitoring will oversee your network health 24/7 and immediately report any potential problems, outages, or security issues. This allows our team to provide proactive support to minimize or eliminate the potential for any problems to arise that might affect your business.

Ready For A Change?

If your dissatisfied with your current IT solution, or would like a Free evaluation of your network and technology infrastructure, contact us to schedule a convenient time for Upton IT Services to perform our evaluation.  During the evaluation you will experience no downtime or disruption of your service, and we ensure complete confidentiality and security.  Upon completion of the assessment, we will review our findings and provide you with a detailed report summarizing our findings, along with recommendations for resolving any issues we uncover.

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