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Team With Computer Support Professionals For Solid Web Server Security



Keeping your server secure can feel like a never-ending task, and in truth it is. Along with making sure the right people have the required access to their information, you have to keep in mind the hackers that love the challenge of breaking through your latest and greatest security measures.


While you and your Cape Coral/Fort Myers computer support firm will always have to monitor security, there are some things you can do to make it easier on you and tougher on those looking for uninvited access.


Technological and Human Vigilance


While server security has come a long way, nothing is fool proof.  A combined approach of human and technological surveillance offers fairly solid security along with warning systems that will alert you when someone is trying to break in. Many Fort Myers/Cape Coral computer support organizations suggest using automated options that involve using a web application firewall and intrusion detection software.


Web Application Firewall


As an open network port, your web server is vulnerable to an attack that even a great firewall cannot protect. The server is available to anyone surfing the Internet, including those who want to do harm. A hole in just one PHP script can expose your entire server and seriously ruin your day. A web application firewall can help prevent these kinds of attacks and help secure your web applications and server-side scripts.


Intrusion Detection Software


Intrusion detection software provides surveillance for every part of your server. It’s like having a security guard every two feet around the perimeter of your stronghold, so you’ll know immediately if someone is trying to gain access and can take appropriate measures. Some types of this software can also prevent a hacker from finding a weak spot in the first place.


Firewalls and detection software are great tools, but they’re basically ineffective if there’s not someone monitoring them for alerts. However, you or your Fort Myers/Cape Coral computer support partner do not have to be at the server site 24/7. New monitoring tools will notify you of threats via text messages to your mobile phone so you can stop an attack no matter where you are.


Manage and Instruct Users


Users should also understand their role in keeping a server secure. Require users to have strong passwords and enforce mandatory password changes on a set schedule. Make sure web hosting clients regularly update their scripts and web applications. You can help this along by using automatically installed scripts.


Give server users access only to their specific business areas. For example, the accounting group does not need access to human resources. This creates another layer of internal protection.


The best security measures in the world will amount to nothing if users don’t play their part in keeping your information safe.


Consult a Professional


Because technology is constantly changing, even a well-trained security expert may not have all the answers. That’s why teaming with a qualified Fort Myers/Cape Coral computer support company like Upton Technology Group ensures you receive support from personnel trained in the latest security measures.


They key to server security is to be proactive in preventing problems rather than reacting to them after they arise. With the right planning, software and professional help, your server will protect your company from harm no matter what threats come along.

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